This week I want to discuss a few of the mistakes home buyers make. The first mistake is not getting prequalified for a loan. Most people jump in head first and start looking at any and every house which can be very time consuming. By getting prequalified for a loan, you will get a good look at your income and what debts you may already have to better determine what you can afford and what price range you have to work with. This will help to narrow down your search and get you a step closer to finding the perfect home.

Another mistake home buyers make is not using all the resources that are available such as a realtor. Most people limit themselves to only looking on the internet and/or magazines like Homes & Land. Many of the listings in those magazines are sold which can leave you feeling discouraged and like you just wasted your time. Not to mention they do not feature all of the listings that are available. A realtor on the other hand, has access to information that may not be available to the public. A realtor can also schedule showings for specific houses you may have your eyes on as well as make recommendations such as a specific home and/or termite inspector. Plus, it can be comforting knowing that you have someone experienced to walk with you through every step.

Get the most out of home buying by remembering these two things and be sure to check back this week for more tips on what to avoid as you go thru the process of becoming a home owner.