Listen to a conversation between your average newlyweds looking for a home and their conversation will probably go something like this:

Wife: “Ugh, I’m so tired of living out of this matchbox of an apartment.”

Husband: “I know me too!”

Wife: “We really need to find a house of our own and get out of the city while were at it. I need some peace and quiet!”

Husband: “I agree but we don’t have any cash saved up. We make enough for our bills and we could use our rent money for this apartment in place of a monthly mortgage payment, but we still have to put something down.”

Wife: “Well then what are we going to do? It could take years to save up a few grand or who knows how much!”

Queue the music: Duh Duh Duh DUHHHH!

Queue the Man with the Superman Cape: “Have no fear Thomco Properties is here with the perfect solution! We recommend getting qualified for a USDA loan.”

A USDA loan, or United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development Guaranteed Housing loan, is a mortgage loan offered to those who are looking for a home in a small town (rural) area. This loan does not require any money down (yes that’s right I said $0). The minimum credit score however is 620 unlike the FHA minimum of 500. So this loan, even though you have to have good credit to qualify, is still great for those who do not have an adequate amount of money saved up. As some commercials say, NO money, No problem!

Ask your lender about getting pre-qualified for a USDA loan and then give us a call here at Thomco Properties and let us help you find your dream home!